About Me

Currently I live in the wonderful city of Fort Collins, where I spend most of my time exploring the world of computers or dreaming about fly-fishing the Poudre River. I also enjoy climbing big rocks, sleeping outside, or really just doing anything so long as it's above 5000 feet. Everything I am today is a gift from God, and everything I do tomorrow is my way of saying thanks to Him.

Fishing in Estes Park Climbing Mt. Bierstadt My wife and I Climbing Pikes Peak with Garrett Ben and Jerry's My family and I in Ephesus


I usually like to write as a form of note-taking, and only when I have the spare time (which is rarely). However, you can take a look at my not-so-updated blog if the mood ever strikes you. Recently I've written about Use PGBadger to Profile PostgreSQL Databases, Use the Pomodoro Technique to Save You Time and Energy, and My Favorite Macbook Shortcuts .


I like to think that it's pretty easy to get a hold of me. You can email me at ktraff@gmail.com or use of one the many social networking sites that I check from time to time. Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus are the ones I use the most.

I also like to code with friends. Stack Overflow and GitHub are great places to do this; let me know if you are interested in making the world a better place, one expression at a time.